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As well as being an accomplished inspirational speaker, I’ve coached numerous Business Leaders and Corporations from Dixons Carphone, GoCompare, Marks & Spencer and SMEG UK using my, much acclaimed, Business Coaching Packages.

What is 30Days2Success?30days

It’s a 30-day programme where employees across the business are challenged in health and wellbeing towards fitness, lifestyle and business-oriented goals. We educate individuals with little or no experience of regular exercise and/or healthy eating, encouraging them to introduce simple exercise goals and nutritional guidelines into their daily routine. This leads them on a journey towards a healthier, fitter lifestyle. During the process individuals are also encouraged to build closer working relationships with other participants on the programme and are challenged to reassess their working practices and aspirations.

What’s the Benefit to Your Business?

• Provides a company health check.
• The programme encourages team support which leads to a markedly positive group dynamic.
• Breaks down barriers as we recommend the programme is offered to staff in every location and at every level of the business.
• Opportunity for staff to receive advice from a world-leading performance coach, enhancing their personal development.
• Builds a positive work attitude and enthuses staff to come to work.
• Vehicle for corporate charity fundraising.
• Bespoke to your company’s needs.

What’s the Benefit to Your Employees?

• Opportunity to reappraise fitness and nutrition with expert advice
• Renewed sense of purpose and value towards the business.

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