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I coach all levels of runners from Beginners to GB Internationals, from all over the world. My philosophy is that everyone is an elite athlete and that everyone can improve their times and enjoyment by using my Running Strategy and Bespoke Training Programmes.

How it works…

Tailoring your training to YOUR GOALS

  • Are you striving to do well in a specific event?

  • Are you lacking direction and in need of some help and support?
  • Are you seeking to lose weight and gain confidence with your body?

  • Are you keen to master running but not sure of where to start?
If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any/all of the above, then you have come to the right place.

Monthly Training Package

This is the ideal and complete training partner needed leading up to any major event or life-change you have planned. It includes training plans, weekly calls, daily email, messenger and SMS contact as required.

Monitoring your progress

Remote support at your fingertips telephone, social media and email support are all part of my approach to remote coaching. Everyone needs someone to share their race successes with and provide encouragement when motivation is ebbing.

Celebrate, Reflect and Reinvent

It’s important to evaluate your performance, celebrate the results you have achieved and reinvent your fitness and racing aspirations for your next fitness goal.

Monthly Training Package - £300/month