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Modern-day life isn’t easy at the best of times and it’s extremely easy for things to become out of control. I’ve coached countless folk to give up their addiction to Alcohol, Anorexia, Bulimia, Cigarettes, Drugs, Extreme Exercise, Shopping and even Sex over the years, many in situations where all else has failed.

My Lifestyle Coaching Technique uses fitness as its underlying theme. I believe very much in the Latin phrase ‘anima sana in corpore sano’, ‘A sound mind in a sound body’, as it makes complete sense that everyone benefits from a holistic and balanced lifestyle. Regular daily exercise provides the space we need to evaluate, plan and implement fresh ideas and concepts, especially during a period of personal of change.

Together we focus on stopping the negative behavioral processes that can distract and destroy everything we do and want to achieve, and replace them with new traits that can soon become second nature and that deliver the real you.

The focus is based on honesty and facing up to facts with clarity. The feeling of calm achieved can be overwhelming when shared and with it comes confidence. Feeling inspired, enthused and encouraged will deliver a much better work-life balance where you can be the best in both worlds.

Life is far too short, I know this from my own life-experiences and it should be FUN.

Having clear goals, enhanced self-awareness and self-value definitely comes with time as well as a more active and healthier lifestyle you can enjoy for many more years to come with your family and friends. If you run and are addicted to alcohol and have tried everything else, I’m your man. The transformations in my clients are amazing and if you’d like my help, please contact me.

Become the ‘Real’ You and have some FUN along the way.