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ULTRAdiet™ is our new Weight-Loss Programme that everyone's talking about

UltraDiet Final LogoOver the year’s ULTRAdiet™ has been developed for Marathon and ULTRA-marathon Runner’s looking to lose excess weight to improve race performances but I now use it successfully with more severely overweight clients to lose huge amounts of body weight, where all other weight-loss programmes and diet-fads have failed.
It’s the accountability of the ULTRAdiet™ Programme that really works. There’s a diet menu to follow of course, consisting of five meals a day with a list of foods and food types to avoid. The magic though is that for every meal, for every day, for the month there’s support and accountability for what you are eating that dramatically reduces the choice of cheating and giving into temptation.UltraDiet Female Final Logo 

There’s no need for a gym membership or to start running hundreds of miles, ULTRAdiet™ is based around a change in lifestyle habit. Replacing old eating ways and poor food choices with new ones – and it’s working dramatically for the people that are using it to lose weight, right now.
In just eight months Stephanie Durrant shed a massive 51kgs after weighing in at 141kgs and changed not only her outlook on life but also her career. She’s one of hundreds of people that have successfully become the person they’ve always wanted to be, just by being coached and becoming accountable for their eating patterns and behaviour.
If you are interested in losing your excess weight chasing Personal Bests or just want to be heathier and would like some help please contact me on 07866 477051 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and start shaping up to success.